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The Impact of the Ageing Working Population and What HR Should Do About It

29 March 2022
Chicago 2020

Productivity does not decline with age. In fact, it improves with experience in professional jobs.  The world is in a complex scenario where we need the aging talent to perform at optimal levels.  /p>

With shifting demographic trends – population growth, aging, migration & urbanization –there is an immediate need to use all talent pools optimally.

Combined with the talent gap of 4.47Mn, which is expected to balloon to 7Mn in another 4 years, it should be a warning to HR teams everywhere.

The solution – Transform your aging workforce.

Experienced workers are capable of:

  • Differentiating stakeholder needs and wants (essential in managing scope creep)
  • Knowing when to say No
  • Establishing key development processes

And more soft and technical skills that are essential to business success.

However, recruiters & workforce planners have fallen woefully short of fully utilizing this talent tool.

Join Vijay Swaminathan, CEO & Co-Founder of Draup, for a thought leadership spotlight as he explores how talent management teams can :

  • Understand Demographic Trends
  • Reimagine Talent Models
  • Leverage Reskilling Plans

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