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Beyond Resilience: Talent Imperative For Global Enterprises In A Post-COVID-19 World

28 July 2020

The ongoing pandemic has forced even traditionally remote-averse sectors to embrace a flexible working model. As the results of this experimental model continue unfolding, Draup’s team of data nerds have come up with a quantitative framework to simplify workforce planning strategies.

Join Vijay Swaminathan, CEO of Draup, for his Talent Manifesto Keynote at the 2020 #ZINNOVCONFLUENCE

Your struggle to optimize workforce strategy ends here!

Vijay will share his expert insights on trending talent management questions, such as

  • Is your enterprise optimized for the demands of remote work?
  • How to find the right balance between remote & office work?
  • Which roles can operate remotely & to what extent?
  • How to maintain productivity in a remote work environment?

Explore a data-backed, scientific framework to answer these and more workforce strategy questions.

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