How Draup Slashed a Customer’s Hiring Costs and Time Per Hire using Talent Intelligence Copy Copy


A leading SaaS company wanted to effectively benchmark the skils depth of their existing employees and be ready for any potential attrition that might take place in their company. By understanding the skill depth of their existing employees, they wanted to built a pool of qualified potential candidates that can fill any vacant role, thereby decreasing cost per hire and time per hire for the company

about client

The client is leading Fortune-10 SaaS company


US $57 Billion

Workforce Size



185 Offices, 90+ Countries

  • Benchmark skills for 1000s of employees across various technology functions using a single model.
  • Optimise both cost-per-hire and time-per-hire using competitor benchmarking
  • Compile list of potential recruits the client could hire bypassing traditional recruitment processes.
  • We developed a skill benchmarking model with four levels: (i) Beginner, (ii) Apprentice, (iii) Competent, (iv) Expert.
  • The model was curated by analyzing over 15 key attributes, including:
    • Number of certifications
    • Number of patents
    • Number of publications
    • Education level
    • School/University Category
    • Core Skills attained
    • Type of Organization
    • Relevant experience
    • Overall experience
    • Neighboring skills
    • Faculty in a college (or any association with MOOCs)
    • Leadership position attained (if any)
    • Number of job functions switched
    • Formal association with any organization that has expertise in the employed job function
    • Average tenure in a given job function
    • Average tenure in a given job role
  • For each of the client's existing employees, we used these 15 attributes to categorize them into one of the four skill buckets
  • Based on the validation of the model for over 120k profiles, we conducted a similar analysis for competitors and produced a list of professionals whom the client could hire without spending much time via traditional recruitment processes.

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Seema Nair Economist at Delhi University


With our recommnedations, the SaaS company was able to effectively benchmark the skill depth of professionals working for them as well as their competitor companies. These insights directly led to:

  • A 34% reduction (from 54 days to 35 days) in the time per hire
  • A 27% reduction in the cost per hire
why draup?

While several Talent Intelligence solutions exist in the market, none were able to match Draup's quality and breadth of data when it comes to Skills Benchmarking. They chose Draup due to the:

  • Transparency of our data sources & techniques
  • Case studies of their peers in the industry
  • Extensive thought leadership on their industry
  • Flexibility to contextualize data at granular levels
  • Exhaustive talent ecosystem data
  • Capacity to serve all use cases
  • Quality of insights and data